Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Armchair politicians’ Apple of discord

Though the political situation of Nepal has improved after the twelve point’s agreement and the constituent assembly election, now the people today are facing many problems around the country. It is said that political parties should play the dominant role to reform and develop the country. But today the political parties of Nepal are absolutely in the way to be the so called political parties. It seems as if argle bargle has become their main essence of doing politics. No one is weak in giving philosophical speech to assure the people. People not only around the country but also around the globe began to askance the political parties. Political leaders perform their works as they are the armchair politicians.
Today dispensable things have become the ‘Apple of discord’. Is accusing each other, the daily activities of the politicians. Every party does have very interesting and sweet principles in their manifesto but in practical field these subject matters are violated. Almost all political parties motto of doing politics is to work for the welfare of the haves not or the exploited one. But just opposite poor people are in snared in the exploited field more. These sorts of activities show the still deadly situation for the people. Working around the country where a concrete network of law enforcing agencies needs to be developed to confront such trouble some people. People around the country who were exploited in the war period are still exploited even after the peace process has covered the whole country according to the politicians. Commodities price had touched the peak of the Mount Everest.
End of the monarchy and the constituent assembly election installed a government headed by the Maoist m Pushpa kamal Dahal, Prachanda the chairman of CPN Maoist, became the prime minister of the republic of Nepal with a promise to respect democratic norms and values and fundamental rights.
Today’s main subjects for the debate among political parties are Army integration, political recruitments, attack in various fields by the wing parties or the cadres of CPN Maoists and cadres of CPN-UML who are also known as Young communist League and youth force, return of property and so on. Political parties should be aware that they should make peace and security following the agreements made by them and if they are failed to follow the agreements made by themselves they should declare them as the dog of street.
Everything should be implemented in time. If the subject matters are implemented in hurry it may be destructive. First of all the seized properties should be returned as Maoist had kept promise for many times but not returned yet. Another thing about army integration is that whether political parties had made agreement to integrate the People’s liberation army in Nepal Army or peoples’ liberation army can be integrated in other fields also. They should be clear first. Another thing is that many communities are today living in terrorism due to clashes between YCL and Yf. These activities should be stopped soon to maintain peace and security in the society.
Attack on press freedom, no peace and security etc. are the matter of great concern.Just before janakpur based female journalist has been killed so cruelly. Politicians are in the way of argle bargle. They are not in the way of writing constitution, establishing peace and security and so on. Activity of kidnapping and murdering can be heard daily. Lack of everything in prosperous Nepal is the bitter truth . To remain always as a mendicant country is the compulsion of Nepal due to lack of determination, patriotism, commitment and so on. It’s the consequence of false promises of politicians. The mission of political leaders seems as if they are fighting and debating each other only for power not for the welfare of the people who are still made the scapegoat to gain the power in the hand.
Nepal, in past was renounced as the peaceful country in the world, but today it has turned to be the country where there is no peace , no security, no effective law, no facility and only horror and terror on the country. Nepal, which gave birth to Lord Gautama Buddha, the god of peace now is facing many problems due to irresponsible leading of the so called representative and politicians of Nepalese people. Politics itself is not a dirty game but the matter is that how it is taken and implemented in practice. In fact politics does not say bring disorder, fear and do cruel deeds in the country over people.
Today politics is done in every sector. All factories, factories, press, hotels and restaurants etc are terrorized by the wing groups of political parties. These sectors are facing many problems such as 16 hour load shedding, strike by the workers expensiveness in commodities and so on. Even the petroleum price is high even the price has got down in the international level. So in fact to lead the country smoothly and effectively commitment and determination is needed.

Uma’s murderer has been nabbed says Minister Mahara Jan 19 2009
Police have arrested two persons in connection with the murder of Uma Singh, a woman journalist, who was working with Radio Today, a Jankapur-based FM channel. Singh died on January 11 after being attacked by an unidentified group of people.
One of the suspects is a Maoist cadre. While, the other is the commander of Tarai Ekta Parishad (TEP), an armed group in the Tarai.
Maoist cadre Shrawan Yadav, a resident of Rampurbirta in Siraha, was held from Mirchaiya today. TEP commander Mebi Lal Paswan was nabbed from Saghar in Dhanusha yesterday. “Yadav was arrested on the basis of Paswan’s statement,” police said.
Dilip Shah, Maoists’ district in-charge admitted that Yadav was a regional member of the party. Enraged by his arrest, party cadres today blocked traffic at Malhaniya on the East-West Highway for two hours from 3 pm. Yadav has been taken to Dhanusha for investigation. Janakpur CDO Shambhu Koirala said Paswan had been shot in the leg when he tried to flee during an encounter with the police. He is undergoing treatment at Janakpur Hospital.
Meanwhile, in the capital government spokesperson and information minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara informed Parliament today about the breakthrough in Singh’s murder case. He, however, said that only one person — Mebi Lal Paswan — was held yesterday.“The accused has confessed to his crime. We have started probe into Singh’s murder,” said Mahara. He also supported a sankalpa prastav (parliamentary commitment proposal), which was tabled by NC CA member Ramesh Lekhak for press freedom.
The prastav, which focused on a series of crimes being committed against working journalists like murder, abduction and intimidation, was unanimously passed by the House. The prastav urged the Maoist-led government to bring theculprits to book, provide compensation to the next of kin of slain journalists and ensure terror-free working environment for mediapersons.
“The prastav has given a guideline to the government to protect the working journalists. We are committed to ensure their safety and security and promote professionalism in the media,” he added.Mahara took the opportunity to impress upon the CA members that they shouldn’t misconstrue a recent statement made by PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal. The PM, while addressing a rally last Tuesday, had said that the Maoists would capture state power if the coalition government was toppled.
“We must not overlook the political achievements that have been gained in the last two and half years. Besides, the state’s efforts aren’t enough to maintain law and order in the post-conflict and transitional period,” said Mahara.
Earlier, Lekhak alleged that many mediapersons were killed, abducted or threatened during the post-conflict period simply because they exercised the right to freedom of expression as enshrined in the constitution.

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